Simultaneous Proponency is the essential, core concept of the Liberal Gun Owners Mission. The mission embraces the idea that only an organization who professionally engages in the full support of both firearms ownership and public safety can gain the advanced knowledge to improve society at this nexus.

  • It is a myth that gun owners cannot stand firm with their rights while simultaneously caring about public safety.
  • It is a myth that people who care about public safety cannot understand the importance of firearms ownership rights.
  • The only way to have sustainable solutions to associated issues is to strike a balance that fully respects both causes.
  • Liberal Gun Owners’ mission is to be the leading expert on that balance point.
  • Liberal Gun Owners’ mission is to be The Swiss Army Knife or Multi-tool of that balance point.
  • This balance point is what we call “Simultaneous Proponency.”  

I just took the past 4 years to test the waters and get proof of concept for the proposition that it was possible for us. It turns out that it is more-than-possible…and without anyone really knowing it…

We have already been doing it.

 How do we do it?







With our Public Safety focus seperated into these eight categories, we research and analyze each phenomenon and look at how we might help to mitigate in each category.

On a personal level, I have spent a decade developing and establishing a one-of-a-kind gun forum for liberals on Facebook. I have developed a merchandising store for LGO501c4. I have gone out and secured serious funding. I have relationships with top experts in the field of firearms instruction, public safety, and academia. I have been able to penetrate the academic milieu. I have started a nationwide training infrastructure for LGO501c4. I have helped to developed multiple, left-leaning gun businesses. I have a network that stretches from Constitutionalists to Democratic Socialists. I have been on the phone with DC-Beltway, Public Safety NPOs. I have traveled tens of thousands of miles to meet people in the LGO community. I have established a company of strong developers from the LGO community and beyond. I have researched and produced the only known piece of grey literature on comprehensive, Projectile-Weapons Anthropology. I’ve developed an innovative podcast that holds testimony and opinions from top people in fields associated with firearms. I have developed The Liberal Gun Owners Lens as a concept. I have begun the effort to create relationships with serious subject matter experts in all eight of our defined categories of mitigation.

As an entity, LGO501c4 has donated thousands of dollars to gun rights organizations and public safety NPOs. Organizations like:

The Liberal Gun Club

Walk The Talk America

Hold My Guns

Guns For Everyone


The Trevor Project

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

The National Domestic Violence Hotline

The Safe and Secure Project

Dozens of people from our community have assisted me in these endeavors. And we are just getting warmed up now.

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