“If LGO’s mission is to be the Swiss Army Knife of the nexus between gun rights and public safety, then the LGO Lens Publication is the main blade of the knife.”

Randy Miyan, Executive Director of LGO


The Liberal Gun Owners Lens can be described as a three part entity:

1. The primary part is a four-section (pillar) research and writing product that gives an unprecedented comprehensive look at the relationship between humans and firearms.

2. The secondary part is a content-hub / website that supports this writing product with digital content (as well as highlighting other parts of LGO’s mission.)

3. The tertiary part is a podcast that supports the the writing product (as well as highlighting other parts of LGO’s mission.) You can access the podcast by clicking here.

The Liberal Gun Owners Lens is being created by LGO501c4 in order to address the following two insufficiencies in American Society:

1. The tendencies in Progressive culture to see firearms ownership as a deviant, regressive phenomenon that can only be legitimately understood through “criminal and epidemiological studies of gun violence.” (Yamane, 2017) This has lead to the insufficient and biased treatment of the subject-matter by the following subsets of American culture:

a.The American Democratic Party

b. The Media

c. The Progressive GenPop (General Population) and Generic, Voting-Block Liberals (GVBLs)

d. American Academia

e. The American Intellectual Culture


2. The tendencies in Conservative culture to deal with the intellectual responsibilities of firearms-ownership-as-subject-matter through the unchanging, narrow application of jurisprudence, history, and philosophy. The Lens is introducing a proper multi-disciplinary analysis of the relationship between humans, firearms, and rights.


The Liberal Gun Owners Lens is the beginning effort in the long-overdue need for Liberals to invest substantial honest energy into this particular subject. LGO501c4, through “The Lens”, is providing an intellectual starting point that generally represents our own mindsets and our own cultural lexicon. It is the company’s effort in this regard and is not attempting to represent all viewpoints in our community.


The Lens analyzes the relationship between humans and firearms in four sections or “pillars.” These pillars are:

1. Anthropology, Evolution, and Human Innateness (Anthropology)

2. Culture and Society (Culture)

3. Jurisprudence and Policy (Jurisprudence)

4. Philosophy

The Liberal Gun Owners Lens is an extensive research and publication effort. The entire work will not be completed until 2024. Currently, Pillar 1 is complete and available to the public and you can read it by clicking here.