Every year Liberal Gun Owners holds an internal company training for what we call our Firearms Development Group. This group has a mission to achieve the following points (not an exhaustive list):

1. Build a company core of responsive, professionally responsible members of the community in order to provide long-term stability for a long-term mission.

2. To learn the ins-and-outs of providing unique, exceptional training events built upon an intensives model: gunners have their own gun practices and come to an intensive once per year to be challenged and stimulated.

3. To test different firearms platforms and establish a wide base of expertise.

4. To engage in professional, commerce-related gun businesses including gun manufacture, gun range development, and merchandise offerings.

5. To engage in advanced and unique aspects of firearms and casualty care training with selected instructors.

The LGOFDG training at our main hub has completed its fourth and final year of development only. In 2023 we will start offering open slots to our Community Support Corps – the truly responsive part of our community. Members of the LGOFDG are now also engaged in the development of our second hub, in another area of the country.

Due to logistics and security concerns, we will not disclose the locations of these events. We only do this internally to our responsive community.