Each year, as a part of our mission, we donate money to different organizations that deal with issues related to firearms-related negatives. For multiple reasons, we thought it fit to do one of these donations this month. This donation to The National Domestic Violence Hotline matters because almost 20% of domestic abuse incidents involve a firearm.

Liberal Gun Owners regularly donates money to organizations like Walk The Talk America, The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, The Black Bottom Gun Club / The Safe and Secure Project, The Trevor Project, The National Domestic Violence Hotline, and Hold My Guns in order to directly affect gun-related negatives. We have also donated money to other gun organizations that focus on addressing root causes and responsibility – organizations like The Liberal Gun Club and 2AO.

We have split gun-related negatives into 8 categories and have a mission to directly impact each of these catagories  with donations and assitance to related organzations on an annual basis.

To check out our break-down of Firearms Related Injury and Death (FRID) and our plans for supporting related organizations please click here.