In May of 2022 we kicked-off our series analyzing the murder of Ahmaud Arbery. This series was created not only to highlight the facts of the murder (and the ongoing, egregious history that America has with vigilantism, its derivatives, and xenophobic violence) but also to display the proper example of how a 21st century gun organization should be treating such things. Our mission is Simultaneous Propenency and this concept dictates that we show understanding and concern for both gun rights and public safety. Our first move at LGO is not to meet these kinds of events by huddling around our gun rights while we offer lip-service to the negative outcomes that guns are tied to.

This is why we have organized gun-related neagtives into 8 categories and this is why we are creating professional relationships with subject matter experts in all of these categories. We want to respond properly and contribute to the direct mitigation of these issues. This series is unique because it integrates opinions from the following subject matter experts:

Professor David Yamane

Rabbi Hillel Norry

Black Bottom Gun Club President Chad King

Liberal Gun Club Executive Director Ed Gardner

Gun Educator and Gun Industry Personality Rob Pincus

Kern County California Deputy District Attorney Hunter Starr