The Liberal Gun Owners Lens Podcast ended its 2022 interview schedule featuring two titans of the firearms competition world.

Chris Cheng is History Channel’s Top Shot Season 4 champion, a stalwart gun rights advocate, and an ambassador for gun ownership in the both the Asian and LGBTQ+ communities. Cheng and Miyanovich covered a wide array of topics. Regressiveness inside of the Democratic party’s gun control platform, American political tribalism, diversity of thought, California politics, and the reaction to Chris’s Recoil magazine cover were all discussed.

Chris’s Senate testimony on gun rights is mentioned as an excellent resource and can be found here.

Eddie Davenport is History Channel’s Mountain Men Ultimate Marksman (segment one) winner, a seven time national champion in black powder rifle competition, a social worker, and a suicide prevention activist. Davenport and Miyanovich cover new ground in their discussion. Black powder realities, antiquated thought, racism, PTSD, ADHD, and suicide prevention are all discussed.

We look forward to future discussions and collaborations with both Eddie and Chris.

You can find these episodes and more at The Liberal Gun Owners Lens Podcast.