The Liberal Gun Owners Lens is a foundational grey literature product that is being created to highlight the substantial, historical relationship between humans and firearms . The Lens is using a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary approach to bring the subject matter of firearms into the twenty-first century.

The Liberal Gun Owners Lens is split into four parts or “pillars” and will be researched and completed over a period of five years. The scheduled date of full completion, for all four pillars, is in the year 2024. (Completed pillars will be published as they are ready.)

Pillar One Title: 

The Human-Weapon Relationship – Evolution, Anthropology, and Human Innateness

(Nicknamed “The Anthropology Pillar”, “The Antro Pillar”, and “The Human-Weapon Relationship.”)


Author: Randy Miyan, Executive Director of Liberal Gun Owners


Summary of Work: The Anthropology Pillar casts a very wide and deep net to highlight the close relationship between humans and weapons (particularly projectiles) over the entire ~300,000 years that humans have been a species. This is what we call Anthropologic Universality. The work also introduces the concept of “Weapons-based Social Coercion” which is an extension of both general social coercion theory and the work of theorist Paul Bingham. Weapons-based Social Coercion highlights the effects that The Human-Weapon Relationship has on the subconscious aspect of human social psychology.    

This pillar also highlights the following concepts:

1. Anthropologic Continuity – the idea that firearms do not exist outside of the unceasing relationship between humans and projectile weaponry; firearms are also an anthropologic component.

2. The central hypothesis created by Paleoanthropologist Dr. Curtis Marean which postulates hyper-prosociality and advanced projectile weapons as critical components of resultant human dominance and of The Great Human Diaspora.

Hired Subject Matter Expert For Pillar One:

Dr. Curtis Marean

Foundation Professor and associate director, Institute of Human Origins, School of Human Evolution and Social Change, Arizona State University.

Honorary Professor, International Deputy Director, African Centre for Coastal Palaeoscience, Nelson Mandela University.


Additional Assistance:

Professor David Yamane

Professor of Sociology, Wake Forest University.


Status of Work: Completed and free to the public. Copyright 2021 Liberal Gun Owners. All rights reserved.


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