The Liberal Gun Owners Lens is a foundational grey literature product that is being created to deepen the understanding of the substantial, historical relationship between humans and firearms. The Lens is using a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary approach to bring the subject matter of firearms into the twenty-first century.

The Liberal Gun Owners Lens is split into four parts or “pillars” and will be researched and completed over a period of five years. The scheduled date of full completion, for all four pillars, is in the year 2024. (Completed pillars will be published as they are ready.)


Pillar Three: 

Jurisprudence: Human Behavior and The Rule Of Law

(Nicknamed “The Law Pillar” and “The Jurisprudence Pillar.”)


Author(s): Randy Miyan, Executive Director of Liberal Gun Owners

                Hunter Starr, Director of Jurisprudence, Liberal Gun Owners


Summary of Work: The Law Pillar’s central aim is to address both liberal social psychology and conservative social psychology as it pertains to living in a relationship with the American rule of law. This analysis will begin with a review of the reality of American jurisprudence and the Second Amenment. This analysis will concentrate on both firearms ownership and self-defense as central  concepts. In addition to a preliminary education in American law, (and the body of constitutional law that relates to the Second Amendment) this pillar will be comprehensively address the following conclusions:


1. That ideology and extremity in the American gun culture presents a detachment from the fundamental realities that compose the American legal reality. The presence of extreme conviction in gun activism creates a monomaniacal focus on complete prohibition of gun-related regulation while entirely avoiding the ongoing presence of gun regulation and the class of activity related to improving that which already exists.

2. The difference between the rule-of-law and social / moral expectations .

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Additional Assistance: To be determined.


Status of Work: Research and writing phase.


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