Mass Shootings

“ [Student] School Threat Assessment makes the prevention of school shootings feasible and quite manageable to achieve.”
Marissa Randazzo, PhD / Former Chief Psychologist for U.S. Secret Service / Co-Director of U.S. Safe Schools Initiative


 LGO Subject Matter Expert(s):

John Van Dreal

School Security and Student Threat Assessment Consultant

Retired School Psychologist

Retired Director of Security, Safety, and Risk Management for the Salem-Keizer School District

Systems Designer for The Salem-Keizer Student Threat Assessment System 

Van Dreal’s General Resource Page



Community Security Service

“At Community Security Service (CSS), our mission is simple: Protecting Jewish Life and Jewish Way of Life. Founded in 2007 by a cadre of security professionals and military and law enforcement veterans, CSS is the leading organization focused on providing best-in-class training to build on-the-ground volunteer led CSS physical security teams and safety programs. These programs are designed to empower members of the Jewish community to identify threats and proactively protect our communities across the United States.”

Security Preparedness

Since 2017, the Sikh Coalition has been sharing free security preparedness resources with almost 300 gurdwaras across the United States. Using existing guidance from the federal government, we have been sharing authoritative guidance on improving security with gurdwaras of all sizes. The expertise, knowledge, and recommendations shared by these security experts is some of the best in the country.”


“The Faith-Based Information Sharing and Analysis Organization (FB-ISAO) serves as a trusted partner at the center of a national network of faith-based organizations and associations that have been informed and equipped to prevent, protect against, mitigate, respond to and recover from incidents arising from all-hazards, ensuring the resilience and continuity of these important community assets.

This includes physical security incidents, such as hostile events/active shooter and incidents of low-tech terrorism.”

FEMA Security Grant Program

“This grant provides funding support for target hardening and other physical security enhancements and activities to nonprofit organizations that are at high risk of terrorist attack. The intent is to integrate nonprofit preparedness activities with broader state and local preparedness efforts. It is also designed to promote coordination and collaboration in emergency preparedness activities among public and private community representatives, as well as state and local government agencies.”

School Violence Prevention

“John Van Dreal Consulting is a practice dedicated to assisting school districts and other organizations improve psychological safety and peace of mind by building effective systems for violence prevention, mitigation, and response. Using leading models such as the Salem-Keizer Cascade System as a template, each project focuses on user-friendly applications that are tailored to the unique needs of the client and its culture, community, and budget.”

School Shooter Database

The primary focus of the School Shooters .info database is on perpetrators who intended to kill multiple victims in educational settings using firearms. A few incidents, however, are included that fall outside of these guidelines.

This page lists and explains the organizing concepts used on the site to distinguish different types of shooters and different types of attacks.

Bystander Revolution

Bystander Revolution is a website offering practical, crowdsourced advice about simple things individuals can do to defuse bullying and help shift the culture. No matter who you are or what you’re facing, you can find personal stories, suggestions, and encouragement from someone who has dealt with a similar issue. Search by problem or solution to find tips from people who have been targets, people who have been bystanders, and even people who have bullied.

Nat'l Public Safety Partnership

“The National Public Safety Partnership (PSP) was established by the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) to provide an innovative framework to enhance federal support of state, local, and tribal law enforcement and prosecution authorities in enhancing public safety.

PSP began as a pilot program, the Violence Reduction Network, in 2014 and is designed to promote interagency coordination by leveraging specialized law enforcement expertise with dedicated prosecutorial resources to promote public and community safety.”