The Liberal Gun Owners Lens is a foundational grey literature product that is being created to deepen the understanding of the substantial, historical relationship between humans and firearms. The Lens is using a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary approach to bring the subject matter of firearms into the twenty-first century.


The Liberal Gun Owners Lens is split into four parts, or “pillars”, and will be researched and completed over a period of five years.


Pillar Four: 

The Hermeneutics of Firearms: Epistemology, Existenialism, Ethics, and Politics.

(Nicknamed “The Philosophy Pillar.”)


Authors: Randy Miyan, Executive Director of Liberal Gun Owners



Summary of Work: The Philosophy Pillar’s central aim is to remove the firearms-ownership phenomenon out of the space of disengagement from the fabric of normal life and society and into a fully connected, understandable entity. This understanding will be detached from the limits of absolutism established by American writ through the hermeneutic circle – showing modern firearms ownership as a living phenomenon that needs to continually be questioned to be better understood.


Hired Subject Matter Expert: To be determined.

Additional Assistance: To be determined.


Status of Work: Research phase.


Access to Work: No access currently.