This support list is the result of multiple years of interacting with the online gun reality. The following support recommendations are based upon the general conduct of the included people, businesses, and organizations. They have been included as worthy of support due to a bare minimum of apolitical or liberal-friendly conduct. Many of the entities on this list have also displayed a version of sensitivity to the greater social reality – which is rare for the gun community.

When you support the entities on this list, it is our conclusion that you are assisting the effort to move the gun-reality into the twenty-first century. This movement is critical for any sustainable improvement for any gun-related issue, we argue.

Please note that you are likely to not see certain established people or organizations that are considered in our cultural peer group, center-to-left. Please do not assume that because someone is left-of-center, or from a marginalized community, that they are worthy of our support or recommendation automatically. Conduct is what matters. “Toxic patriotism” and regressive mentalities on the right are not the only gun-culture negatives. There are gun personalities and associated organizations from the Leftist, LGBTQ+, and BIPOC reality that can also be abusive, gaslighting, manipulative, disingenuous, hypocritical, conspiratorial, and adversarial towards liberals or certain people.  Please do not contact us about adding center-to-left groups that you do not see on the list. We are monitoring the behavior of the groups in question and may include them in the future if these groups show an evolution in conduct. The poor actors are far in the minority as it relates to our our cultural peers. Yet, some of the worst dirt comes from some of the biggest or most popular groups.

If you are center-to-left, and you do not see some of your favorite, left-of-center groups or personalities, you can assume that their exclusion from the list it is not an accident. 

This list is adjustable and will be updated as we see fit.


**Please note that listings in our “Lib-Gunner Community” section are not always entities that are in the LGO Community proper. They may just be entities that are proximate to our vibe, that we are recommending you check out.**

**Please note that. if you are a member of The Liberal Gun Club, they have an internal list of lib-friendly instructors and gun ranges that you can request to see.**


**Please note that the ultimate responsibility for vetting these entities lies with you.**


Lib-Gunner Community


The Amateur Hunting Enthusiast

(Elise Letizia)

Apex Defense Solutions LLC

(Chad Smith)

Archelon Defense LLC

ATW Firearms Instruction

(Arm Trans Women)

The Black Bottom Gun Club

(Chad Smith)

Bloomington Precision Sharpening Service

(Brett Morse)

David Yamane

Eddie Davenport

Grant Cunningham

Guns Guide to Liberals Podcast

(Jon and Sarah Cade Hauptman)

(Rabbi) Hillel Noory

Hornet’s Nest Armory

(Justin Faircloth)

The Liberal Gun Club

(Ed Gardner, Lara Smith)

Markus Ismael

Mark’s Guns LLC

(Mark Steiger)

Michael Tinker Pearce

Muffintop Actual

PHLSTER Holsters  

(Jon and Sarah Cade Hauptman)

Rocket Armory

(Jon Waltz)

The Safe and Secure Project

(Chad King)

Safter Faster Defense

(Alessandro Padovani)

Sapper Gentleman

(Will Hancock)


(Salaam Kevin Smith)

Tactical Fitness Austin

(Ron Grobman)

Tacticool Girlfriend

Walt Anderson











General Gun Community



(Bryan Crosswhite, Rob Pincus)

Always on Target


AR-15 Discounts


Asian Pacific American Gun Owners Association

Avidity Arms

(Rob Pincus, Mike Sodini)

Baker Targets

Birchwood Casey

Benelli USA Firearms

Stefano Bertocchi – “The Rhino Defender”

Bloke on the Range

Boss Shotshells

Century Gun Club

(First black-owned gun club in Michigan)

Chris Cheng

Citizens Defense Research

The Complete Combatant

The Cove Campground (NOVA area)


Denver Firearms Training

(Isaac Martinez)

Demo Ranch

Don’t Lie For The Other Guy

Echo-5 Training

(Deryck Poole)

Fab Defense

Field & Stream Magazine

(John Snow)


Firstline Firearms Academy

Forest Park Army Navy Store – Atlanta

Forgotten Weapons

Front Sight Firearms Training Institute 

Great Lakes Firearms Safety Training

Gun Owners Care

Guns For Everyone

(Edgar Antilles, Isaac Martinez)

Hold My Guns

(Sarah Joy Albrecht)

Honest Outlaw

I.C.E Training

(Rob Pincus)

Integrated Defense Group

Joint Forces Enterprises

J.R. Firearm Exchange

Kids S.A.F.E

(Derek LeBlanc)

Liberty Tree Guns / The Gun Shop Show


Massad Ayoob Group

Modlite Systems

Montgomery Indoor Shooting Complex

Morr Indoor Range

My Sister’s Keeper Defense

(Marchelle “Tig” Davis)

The National African American Gun Association

National Association of Sporting Goods Wholesalers

The National Shooting Sports Foundation

North American Rescue

Not Right Shooters

(Jeff Abraham)


Open Source Defense

(Kareem Shaya, Chuck Rossi, B.J. Campbell)

Paul Harrell

Personal Defense Network

(Rob Pincus)

Practical Defense Tactics

Practically Tactical

Quickshot Shooting Range – Atlanta

Range 35

(Don Adams)

Recoil NJ

Red Beard Targets

(Jim Edmonds)

Redstone Firearms

(Johnathan and Geneva Solomon)

Remington Arms

Matt Sampson

Sikh Armory

Smithgalls’ Guns

South River Gun Club

Steinel Ammunition

Straight Shot LLC (First Black Owned Range / Store in Atlanta Metro)

Sturm, Ruger, & Company


Tatiana Whitlock


(James Reeves) 

Top Gun Shooting Sports



United States Concealed Carry Association

Walk the Talk America

(Mike Sodini, Jake Wiskerchen)

Vortex Optics

Wilderness Tactical Products

Vara Safety

The Yankee Marshall